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Manbulloo. Australian for the World's Best Mangoes!


Mangoes From Our Farm brings you fresh, juicy mangoes direct via farmers markets, online ordering and home delivery. 


We're very proud of our mangoes, which are from our very own farm, Manbulloo (near Katherine, NT) so there’s minimum handling and maximum freshness. 


Every single one is hand picked and quality assured. 


These are export-quality mangoes that your whole family will love, guaranteed. 


And yes - they ARE Bowen Special Mangoes - the mango flavour favoured by Queenslanders.

MUM, where do mangoes come from?

Our delicious mangoes come from three different plantations in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

There are nearly 100,000 trees and lots of busy people involved in getting our juicy mangoes to market every year.

We enjoy the company and help of backpackers and grey nomads at harvest time to get the mangoes sorted, packed and on their way.

Sometimes they won’t go home and we have to kick them out until next year.

Yes - They're Bowens!

Whilst we do grow some other varieties, it is Australia's favourite “BOWEN” (aka Kensington Pride) variety that makes up the major part of our crop.

Fruit from Katherine in the Northern Territory should appear in your salads and smoothies at the beginning of October, with the Townsville crop accompanying your ice cream by the middle of November - all the way till Christmas.

(Note to self - Mango Daiquiris for Christmas Day - or Mango Bellinis). 

WOW!  Where did you find these mangoes?

We’re looking forward to selling our mangoes direct to you at farmers markets this summer, so that you can experience our juicy mangoes at their very best with minimum handling and enjoy the wonderful aroma and colours of mangoes ripening on the kitchen bench.

Click here to find out where we are this week. 

Think of it as a treasure hunt. 

Please come, we get up really early just for you!

They even TASTE like they’re good for you!

Some people spend a lot of money on their white coats in the lab, ‘proving’ what we already know – Mangoes are sooooooo good for you!  

Not only delicious, they’re also healthy, low-GI, versatile, easy to prepare and some people reckon they even help you lose weight! (Okay, so the jury’s still out on that one, but it’s worth a try)

When you’re looking for something delicious, nutritious, filling and refreshing, you can't go past a mango - no matter what you’re after. 

Breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, smoothies, juices, or something even stronger.

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