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Mayfield Chocolates was founded in 1993 in Australia, on the Gold Coast by Peter Ingall and Danica Antunovich.

Its first retail store was situated at Marina Mirage, Main Beach.

Production was based in the Southport and then Labrador areas of the Gold Coast.

Mayfield Chocolates is now based in Brisbane, at Spring Hill.

Mayfield Chocolates has always been Australian owned.

Australia produces many fine foods and beverages of the highest quality: Queensland dark rum, Tasmanian leatherwood honey from the mountain wilderness, native macadamia nuts sourced from the local region and pure fresh cream, to name but a few.

The fundamental philosophy of Mayfield Chocolates, from the beginning, has been to make use of real Australian ingredients such as these and to use them in imaginative and original ways with chocolate of the highest quality.

The result is that the chocolates "taste real", with substantial variations in texture as well as flavour.

Mayfield Chocolates recipes were developed in our Brisbane test kitchen and sensorily evaluated by experts.

Almost all are in fact world firsts.

They are not just copies of existing chocolates you might have tried elsewhere.

One feature to note is that Mayfield's chocolates contain fresh cream or cocoa butter - not vegetable fats, which can leave a "waxy" residue in the mouth.

Mayfield Chocolates entered a number of competitions in its early years and repeatedly won awards at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, including Champion Chocolate in 1995 and 1997.

In 1999, Mayfield Chocolates won a Gold Medal in Belgium.

These awards are of perhaps of most interest to those unfamiliar with Mayfield Chocolates, but "the proof is in the eating", and our customers form their own judgments.

Regardless of awards, we seek to maintain the quality of our products at a constant high standard.

At Mayfield Chocolates, we are very concerned to ensure that the chocolates are supplied to you in perfect condition.

Accordingly, they are only available from selected locations.

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