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Tuki Smoked trout pate

$5.10 110gm tub.

Our pate is made of the flesh of the smoked trout, reduced fat sour cream, tomato paste, a dash of horseradish and a dash of port.


It needs to be refrigerated and generally has a short life of 2-3 weeks.

Tuki Smoked trout

$25.00 kg

These are smoked weekly after being cured in a brine (Robert’s secret recipe).


They are hot smoked slowly over Australian hardwood.


They generally have a life of a month but need to be refrigerated.


They taste best when slightly warmed.

Fresh trout


Our trout get to swim in excellent quality water & so taste good.


We don’t keep them in the fridge, we keep them in the pond to guarantee freshness.

Tuki Lamb

Tuki lamb is pasture fed, our sheep are a highland breed so have a distinctive aromatic sweet flavour.

Lamb sausages


These are made from Tuki lamb & have slow roasted garlic a bit of rosemary & basil, they are sensational on a BBQ, great for breakfast.


Robert’s favorite is browned in a pan, finished off in a slow oven, popped in a crusty roll with a dob of sour cream and a dob of tomato relish.

Tuki smoked lamb sausage


These have the addition of a bit of chilli, they are cured then smoked.


Robert likes to cut them in thin slices brown the slices in a pan and then serve with pasta.


It is a bit like cabana.

Legs of lamb


These are great cooked slowly with a little garlic and rosemary (4 hours in a slow oven).


Tuki products are hand made to recipes that have been tried & tested.


We are grateful for the input of many local chefs and our guests in order to find an acceptable recipe.


If you have a special order please ring ahead, as occasionally we sell out.




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